SmackDown Coverage – December 11, 2018

Charlotte is asked about her match tonight against Asuka. Charlotte says she knows what is at stake on Sunday but Asuka says she would break her tonight. The Queen does not break, she breaks undefeated streaks. She will give them a preview of what will happen on Sunday when they will bow down to the queen. Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring to join commentary for this match.

Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka

Charlotte misses a boot and Asuka with a waist lock. Asuka with a single leg take down and Asuka with a knee bar. Charlotte picks up Asuka and slams her. Charlotte with chops but Asuka with a German suplex. Charlotte with a knee to Asuka. Charlotte goes to the turnbuckles for a moonsault but Asuka gets her knees up and Asuka tries for the Asuka Lock. Charlotte keeps the hold from being applied and Charlotte gets Asuka on her back and drops Asuka to the mat. Asuka with the Asuka Lock. Charlotte rolls to the ropes.

We are back and Charlotte and Asuka exchange forearms. Asuka has a back fist blocked but Asuka with an octopus. Charlotte gets Asuka on her back but Asuka with a crucifix bomb for a near fall. Asuka with a Fujiwara arm bar. Asuka with a triangle but Charlotte gets a near fall when she gets Asuka’s shoulders on the mat. Charlotte picks up Asuka for a one arm sit out power bomb for a near fall.

Charlotte slaps Asuka and Asuka with a double leg take down. Charlotte with a figure four leg lock and she slaps Asuka. Asuka tries to roll over to reverse the hold and she does it. Asuka gets to the ropes and the hold has to be released. Charlotte works on the knee and she connects with elbows to the head. Charlotte with a knee drop to the leg. Charlotte with forearms to Asuka and she gets a near fall. Charlotte pulls Asuka into the corner and wrings the leg into the ring post.

Charlotte gets a near fall. Asuka with an inside cradle for a near fall. Charlotte with chops but Asuka blocks one and takes Charlotte down with a fireman’s carry and a kick to the back. Asuka counters a spear with a Codebreaker for a near fall. Asuka with kicks to the chest followed by a back heel kick. Asuka with forearms to Charlotte followed by kicks to the head. Asuka with another kick and she goes for a Hip Attack but Charlotte with a spear for a near fall.

Charlotte goes up top for a moonsault but Asuka gets her feet up and Charlotte goes for the figure four leg lock. Asuka counters into the Asuka Lock. They fall to the floor and Charlotte gets a kendo stick and hits Asuka with it. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Asuka via DQ

After the match, Becky gets up from her seat and she starts to go to the back. Charlotte hits Becky in the leg with the kendo stick and then hits Asuka. Becky sends Charlotte into the ring steps and hits Charlotte with the kendo stick. Asuka hits Becky and sends her over the announce table. Asuka hits Charlotte with the knedo stick. Asuka hits Becky with the kendo stick and then alternates between Charlotte and Becky.

SmackDown Coverage – September 18, 2018

We are back and Paige is in the ring with the celebration table and carpet in the ring. Paige introduces the new Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. We see photos of the match as Becky makes her way to the ring.

Paige presents Becky the title belt that she walked out of the ring with on Sunday night. Becky says this is nice and it took two long years but she is back where she belongs. Becky says this is her show and this is her title. There will be no more being left off the magazines, pay per view posters, or the morning talk shows. Becky says she doesn’t need balloons or the division she built around the ring. All she needs is Charlotte Flair. Becky asks if Charlotte isn’t out here because she doesn’t want to steal her spotlight for a change.

Charlotte Flair makes her way to the ring. Paige tells Charlotte and Becky that they are not going to do anything tonight. Charlotte says she is not here to fight. Charlotte says she is not here to steal Becky’s spotlight. She says she is here to show the respect that Becky could not give to her at SummerSlam. Charlotte says she wants to look Becky woman to woman to tell Becky she was the better woman on Sunday. You paid a steep price to win that title. You threw away more than a friendship. She says she cannot wait to stand across the ring from you in front of 60,000 people when she gets her rematch in Australia. You took two years to get that title back but you could lose it in one night.

Becky tells Charlotte she stopped listening. Becky says that you said she could not win, but this title says otherwise. This title says that you did not walk out of Hell in a Cell as champion. Becky says she knew that Charlotte was trying to steal the spotlight on the biggest night of her career. Becky says that Charlotte can touch her and raise her hand tonight. Charlotte says she is not going to do that. Becky says that Charlotte can put the title around her waist. Charlotte says she wanted to show Becky respect but she was hoping for a little bit of what Becky was inside her. Charlotte congratulates Becky sarcastically. Becky says that she just wants Charlotte to call her queen. Becky calls Charlotte a bitch and Charlotte attacks Becky.

They go to the floor and Charlotte is sent into the ring steps and then over the announce table. Becky sends Charlotte into the ringside barrier and then they go back into the ring. Charlotte applies DisArmHer. Becky with an exploder.

SmackDown Coverage – June 5, 2018

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair

The bell rings and both women lock up, Becky goes for the Dis-arm-her but Charlotte throws her to the outside. Becky back in and Charlotte goes for the Figure 8 but Becky kicks her off. Becky gets Charlotte in a head lock. Charlotte gets out of it and both women with reversal moves. Both women go for a kick and they end up catching each other. They agree to put the opposite person’s leg down. They then both run to the ropes and spear each other.

Back from commercial and Becky Lynch is in control of the match on top of Charlotte. Flair escapes the lock and gets up. Becky goes for the Dis-arm-her but Charlotte gets out of it. Flair chops by Charlotte. She goes for another chop but an uppercut by Becky. Another Flair chop takes Becky down. A belly to back suplex by Charlotte. She runs towards Becky and a boot to the jaw by Becky. Lynch on the top rope but Charlotte grabs her and a back breaker. She goes for the cover but Becky kicks out.

Charlotte goes for the Figure 8 but Becky gets out of it and kicks Charlotte out. Lynch climbs the top rope and a leg drop off the top rope. She goes for the cover but Charlotte kicks out. Becky runs to the ropes and Charlotte catches her with a spear. Becky rolls to the outside and Charlotte jumps over the top rope onto Becky. She throws Becky into the ring. Charlotte goes onto the top rope and the moonsault but Becky gets her knees up. Lynch goes for the cover but Charlotte kicks out. Both women get up, Charlotte goes for the figure 8 but Becky reverses it into the Dis-arm-her! Charlotte taps out!

Becky helps Charlotte up after the match and the two hug it out.

Winner: Becky Lynch

SmackDown Coverage – August 8, 2017

Charlotte Flair vs. Lana

We go to the ring and out comes Charlotte Flair. Back from the break and out comes Lana. Charlotte looks on and does not appear to be worried about tonight’s competition.

Charlotte takes control early on and smiles, telling Lana that this is her ring. Lana tries to make a comeback but Flair takes control each time. Lana gets angry and comes out of the corner as Charlotte misses a big boot. They tangle and battle for a back-slide in the middle of the ring now. Flair overpowers and gets a 2 count. Flair struts and taunts Lana again. Lana smacks her. Flair turns right around and floors Lana with a big boot. Flair applies the Figure Four and transitions into the Figure Eight for the win.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

After the match, Charlotte has her arm raised as she stands over Lana.

SmackDown Coverage – June 27, 2017

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Charlotte Flair vs. Carmella vs. Natalya vs. Tamina Snuka vs. Becky Lynch

We go to the ring and out first comes Charlotte Flair for tonight’s main event. Natalya is out next followed by Tamina Snuka. Becky Lynch is out next. Carmella is out last and she’s alone as James Ellsworth has been banned from the building. The bell rings and they go at it. Tamina works over Charlotte int he corner as Natalya attacks Becky in the corner before they go to the floor. Charlotte turns it around on Tamina on the floor. Carmella stands a ladder up and looks to climb first. Carmella climbs up but the other 4 Superstars come in and stare at her. They all attack Carmella and kick her out of the ring. Tamina climbs but they pull her off as well. The ladder is knocked over as Becky kicks Tamina out of the ring. Charlotte and Natalya double team Becky but she counters. Becky with a Bexploder on Natalya. Charlotte charges but she takes a Bexploder as well. Becky goes to stand the ladder up but Tamina stops her and hits a Samoan Drop. Tamina goes to the top rope and nails a Superfly Splash on Becky. We go to commercial with everyone down.

Back from the break and everyone is down. Charlotte stands a ladder up but Natalya attacks her and unloads. Natalya with a suplex. Carmella pulls Natalya out. Carmela ducks a Tamina clothesline and rocks her. Tamina catches a superkick from Carmella and talks some trash while holding her leg. Tamina launches Carmella by her leg over the announce table. Tamina tries to go back into the ring but Natalya stops her. Flair and Natalya go at it now. Charlotte tosses Natalya to the floor. Becky with a big suplex on the floor to Natalya. Charlotte and Tamina face off in the ring now. They go at it and stop each other from standing the ladder up.

Charlotte and Tamina continue to fight for the ladder. Becky runs in and climbs up the ladder while Tamina and Charlotte are holding it straight up. They tip the ladder over into the ropes. Becky looks up at the briefcase but gets dropped hard. Tamina stands the ladder up but here comes Charlotte again. Charlotte boots the ladder into Tamina. Natalya runs in with a discus clothesline to Charlotte as fans boo. Natalya stands the ladder up but stops and pushes it into Charlotte in the corner instead. Natalya grabs another ladder and positions it under the briefcase. Natalya takes some time but starts climbing. Charlotte pushes the other ladder into Natalya’s ladder and uses it to meet Natalya at the top. They trade big shots at the top of the ladder. Charlotte grabs the briefcase handle but Natalya hits her. Carmella runs in and tips them both over with the ladder. Carmella talks trash but Becky comes from behind and hits a big suplex, sending Carmella to the floor.This leads to Tamina hitting a big spear on Becky, stopping her from climbing. Everyone is down again as fans chant “this is awesome” and we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Natalya is going for the briefcase. She climbs while everyone else is down outside of the ring. Charlotte runs in and climbs up behind her. Becky climbs up the other side as Charlotte touches the briefcase. Tamina climbs up behind Becky. They all end up falling with the ladder. Carmella comes in and climbs for the case now. She grabs it but the other 4 Superstars run in and try to push the ladder over. They don’t get it over before a brawl breaks out Carmella is no longer within reach of the case. She ends up jumping off onto Natalya and Becky. Charlotte with ladder shots to Tamina in the middle of the ring now. Tamina is laid out now. Charlotte climbs but Carmella comes from behind. Charlotte kicks her away. Carmella climbs back for Charlotte’s leg. Carmella and Charlotte both crash down thanks to Tamina. Tamina superkicks Charlotte. Tamina positions the ladder and climbs up now. Natalya and Becky run in and grab Tamina’s legs. They bring her to the mat with a double powerbomb.

Natalya with a sitdown powerbomb to Becky now. Natalya with the Sharpshooter on Carmella now. Charlotte breaks it with a big boot. Charlotte with Natural Selection. Charlotte and Natalya tumble to the floor together. Natalya knocks Charlotte over the barrier into the crowd and mounts her with right hands. James Ellsworth runs in through the crowd and checks on Carmella at ringside. The referees run over to warn him. Ellsworth rolls Carmella into the ring as fans boo. Ellsworth stands the ladder up and climbs for the briefcase. Becky runs in and kicks Carmella in the face. Becky tips the ladder over and Ellsworth falls over, crotching himself on the top rope. Becky positions the ladder as the fans pop big. She kicks Carmella away and keeps going. Becky gets pulled down and sells a leg injury. Carmella is kicked out of the ring. Becky climbs again but Carmella hits her leg with a steel chair. Carmella with another chair. She tosses the chair and starts climbing up. Carmella grabs the briefcase and gets the win.

Winner: Carmella

SmackDown Coverage – June 6, 2017

We see the women’s division in the ring as SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon makes his way out. There’s also a podium in the ring. Shane introduces the Superstars in the ring – Tamina Snuka, Natalya, Carmella, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. James Ellsworth is also there. Shane calls for a drum roll and unveils the white Money In the Bank briefcase that these Superstars will be competing for in the first-ever women’s MITB Ladder Match. Shane talks about the match but Ellsworth interrupts him. Ellsworth runs him down and says we already know what will happen at MITB. He hands the mic to Carmella and she talks about how she’s going to win but Charlotte shuts her up. Charlotte goes on but Natalya cuts her off. Becky knocks Natalya and accuses her of ripping Bret Hart off. Becky says she will go on to be the first Ms. Money In the Bank. Tamina interrupts and says all they do is talk but she’s going to shut them all up in St. Louis. The music interrupts and out comes SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi.

Naomi takes the mic but the music interrupts and out comes Lana for her debut. Shane says this isn’t working for him right now. Lana says Naomi can’t compete in this match but she can. Natalya laughs but a “yes!” chant breaks out. Naomi is also cracking up at the idea of Lana wrestling. Naomi wants to know who Lana has ever defeated. Lana says she can beat Naomi. They start arguing. Shane says with all due respect, a title match is something she needs to earn. Lana pitches a quick fit and leaves the ring. Some fans boo the decision. Shane calls for a referee as it’s time for a six-woman match. We go to commercial.

Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch & Naomi vs. Natalya & Carmella & Tamina

Back from the break and Charlotte starts the match with Natalya. Back and forth between the two. Charlotte has words with Carmella. Becky tags in for a bit of double teaming. Becky with a takedown as Natalya tags in Carmella. Fans chant for Becky as they go at it. Becky with several pin attempts in a row. Becky rolls Carmella around the ring several times now. Becky drops Carmella again for a 2 count. Carmella ends up sending Becky to the floor with a kick. Natalya clotheslines Becky on the floor with a cheap shot. Back to commercial.

More back and forth after the break. Carmella knocks Charlotte off the apron but Becky rolls her up for 2. Naomi finally tags in and unloads on Carmella now. Naomi with the series of kicks and a jawbreaker. Tamina tags in but Naomi rocks her. Naomi with kicks to Tamina now. Tamina lifts Naomi and rams her back into the corner. Naomi drops Tamina with a kick and springboards in from the apron, hitting a crossbody. Carmella breaks the pin. Flair boots Carmella out of the ring. Tamina holds Flair while Natalya chops her. They double team Charlotte and send her out of the ring. Lana comes walking out now. Naomi fights off Natalya and Tamina. She turns her attention to Lana. Naomi turns back around and kicks Tamina from the apron. Lana takes Naomi’s legs out and she goes down on the apron. The distraction leads to Tamina hitting a superkick on Naomi for the win.

Winners: Natalya & Carmella & Tamina

After the match, Lana looks on as we go to replays. Lana stands behind the winners on the ramp as the two teams face off.

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