Bleacher Report: Ric Flair Working with Charlotte

575254768Ric Flair Working with Charlotte Would Be Best Use of WWE Hall of Famer
By Ryan Dilbert

Ric Flair and Charlotte is too perfect a pairing for WWE to not take advantage of.

Flair has been the Learjet sitting in the hangar, awaiting word on what his next destination will be. He may soon be getting his flight instructions, aiding his daughter in her WWE journey.

Serving as Charlotte’s manager is the ideal role for him. It uses his name to boost an up-and-comer, makes use of their compelling dynamic and is a natural, logical fit.

Introducing a New Flair

As Emma is finding out, just being tossed onto the main roster isn’t the best way to transfer one’s success at NXT. She was a popular performer at the developmental level but hasn’t been able to gain any traction in the big leagues.

A part of that is because fans don’t know her. A few dance-offs and some goofy banter with Santino Marella turned out to not be the best way to endear a new star to the audience.

With Charlotte, WWE has a way to make an immediate connection to the crowd.

Flair is one of the biggest names in wrestling history, a man who still has people shouting “Woo!” at him in appreciation. Should he walk into an arena and tell the world that his daughter is the best female wrestler in the WWE, it gives her instant credibility.

As Bleacher Report’s own Big Nasty points out, that partnership would give Charlotte “that rub” that comes from playing up that she’s the daughter of a legend:

In wrestling, it’s hard to create a new brand. If one has the opportunity to draw interest via a famous family name, it’s usually the best move to jump on it.

Goldust earned attention early in his career when bookers focused on him being Dusty Rhodes’ son. Today, Tamina Snuka, Natalya and Curtis Axel have all benefited from WWE mentioning their famous fathers.

Once Charlotte begins to make her own mark on WWE, she can begin to step out of The Nature Boy’s shadow. For now, leaning on her lineage is the easiest, most effective way to get her noticed.

A Powerful Presence

Natalya vs. Charlotte at NXT Takeover would have been great with or without Bret Hart and Flair at ringside. The two women put on a fantastic show.

Having Flair in her corner gave the bout added heart, though.

He didn’t dominate the stage. He only inserted a timely “Woo!” and slap of his jacket against the ring apron here or there. When Charlotte won, holding the NXT Women’s Championship in her arms, a tearful Flair joined her in the ring.

That’s the kind of moment that Flair can bring, which is miles more useful than having him be a general manager or serve on a Hall of Fame forum.

Just as Rhodes being in his sons’ corner at last year’s Battleground gave their battle with The Shield extra weight, Flair did the same for Charlotte. He can continue to do so, entertaining in the process of elevating a potential top Diva.

WWE not running with this father-daughter team would be like not lighting the fuse on a stick of dynamite. Emma, Bayley and Summer Rae don’t have that kind of asset.

Charlotte does, though, and her matches and promos will gain significance if one of the greatest wrestlers in the world is standing next to her.

She doesn’t have to hold the audience’s attention completely on her own right away. Flair is the act that will draw it in. It will then be her job to become the star attraction.

An Ideal Match

Some manager-wrestler pairings feel forced while some are perfect. Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar click together. The big, hulking beast is just not the same without the slimy snake-oil salesman at his side.

Heyman and Cesaro was not as great of a fit.

Their partnership felt thrown together. That was true for The Miz and Flair too. Flair handing off the figure-four leglock to him didn’t have the impact WWE must have hoped for.

That’s because it was a somewhat random pairing. Their ties, both being sharp dressers and showy braggarts, were tenuous.

The company doesn’t have to worry about that with Charlotte and her dad. It’s a logical alliance, no narrative stretching required.

Of course, a father wants to see his daughter succeed. Of course, the daughter is striving to live up to what her father accomplished.

It’s an easy story to write. The characters are already set. Their motivations are already established.

Besides, Flair doesn’t have to do any acting as Charlotte’s manager.

The genuine emotion pouring out of him in the video above will be easy to come by. Much like when Randy Savage and his real-life wife Elizabeth were an onscreen pair, Flair and Charlotte will have plenty to draw on.

That should create a number of heartfelt moments and great chemistry. Fans have already seen glimpses of that at NXT.

For Flair, there is no better mentee than the one he has been overseeing for years. For Charlotte, harnessing the power of her father’s name is a weapon that WWE has to turn to.

This is one of the easiest decisions WWE officials will ever have to make.

Go with the obvious. Go with the story that has already started.

Source: Bleacher Report