Hell in a Cell 2016 Coverage

Raw Women’s Championship – Hell in a Cell Match
Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks

We go to the ring and out comes Charlotte Flair. She enters as fans start chanting “we want Sasha” for the hometown star. Her music finally hits and out comes WWE RAW Women’s Champion in a Cadillac Escalade with security surrounding her. Sasha exits the Cadillac and makes her way over to the ramp. Sasha makes her way to the ring as we wait for the Cell to be lowered. We get formal ring introductions from JoJo and Charlotte gets booed. Sasha gets the big hometown pop. They start talking trash. The Cell is finally lowered around the ring.

Charlotte attacks with a cheap shot before the Cell can be set in place. She knocks Sasha to the floor and works her over, talking trash. Sasha fights back and takes Charlotte into the crowd. Charlotte turns it back around. Sasha fights back in the middle of the fans. They fight back to ringside and Sasha tosses Charlotte over the barrier. The Cell is down now. Sasha takes apart one of the announce tables for a pop. Charlotte goes to climb the Cell for a big pop. Sasha grabs her leg but gets kicked off. Sasha climbs beside her now.

They climb up a few feet and Sasha slams Charlotte’s face into the steel, sending her to the floor. Charlotte gets up and grabs Sasha, powerbombing her from the Cell through the announce table. A big “holy shit” chant starts. Charlotte won’t back off. One referee yells at her and gets in her face. Both referees check on Sasha as Charlotte looks on and talks trash. She tries to grab Sasha again but gets warned by the official. Sasha stumbles to her feet as fans chant for her. Charlotte tells them to ring the bell. She stands on the announce table and talks more trash. A referee helps Sasha round ringside. She pushes another referee off but falls down. Referees call for paramedics to come check on Sasha now.

Charlotte yells at the referee to give her her title. Charlotte enters the ring and shows off as they put a neck brace on an emotional Sasha. Charlotte continues yelling about being champion as Sasha is loaded onto a stretcher. Charlotte sings “goodbye” to Sasha. Cables get stuck on the stretcher. JoJo announces that Sasha is unable to compete. Due to forfeit, Charlotte is the winner and the new RAW… Sasha gets off the stretcher as the referee waves off JoJo’s announcement. Sasha goes nuts and knocks down a paramedic. Sasha enters the Cell as the referee makes sure she’s ready to go. She says she is and the bell rings.

Charlotte goes to attack but Sasha hits her. Sasha gets the upperhand and Charlotte yells to be let out of the door. Sasha is still fired up until Charlotte pulls her face first into the ring post. Charlotte counters and catapults Sasha into the Cell. The referee checks on Sasha again. Charlotte brings it back in the ring for a 2 count. Charlotte with knees to the back now. More back and forth until Sasha hits the Backstabber. Charlotte still keeps control and dumps Sasha to the floor. Charlotte brings a steel chair to the ring but Sasha baseball slides her into the steel. Sasha with another slide. Sasha runs the ropes and dives out, sending Charlotte into the steel again.

They come back in the ring and Sasha grabs the chair. Charlotte kicks her. Sasha blocks a shot into the chair. More back and forth and blocks. Flair with chops in the corner now. Charlotte climbs up and poses over Charlotte as some fans boo. Sasha pulls her leg out and unloads in the corner. Charlotte keeps fighting but gets tripped face first into the chair. Sasha with more face shots into the chair. Sasha runs the ropes but Charlotte catches her and drops her on top of the chair with a sideslam. The chair doesn’t collapse but Sasha falls to the mat in pain. Charlotte with a 2 count.

Charlotte keeps control and bends Sasha’s back around the ring post. They end up on the floor and Sasha leaps off the cage and nails Charlotte with the double knees. Sasha sends Charlotte into the steel a few times. Sasha pins Charlotte into the steel with double knees a few times. Sasha brings it back in the ring and plays to the crowd for a pop. Sasha with knees in the corner. Sasha with a suplex. She keeps it held and pays tribute to Eddie Guerrero with the trios. Fans chant for Eddie. Sasha goes to the top and hits a Frogsplash for a close 2 count. Sasha gets the Banks Statement applied but Charlotte makes it to the floor. Charlotte with a thrust to the gut and a boot. Sasha with knees to the gut. Sasha ends up putting the mangled chair in the corner and sending Charlotte into it with double knees. Sasha is laid out on the floor after Charlotte pulls her out of the ring face first and she hits the steps.

Charlotte rolls Sasha in the ring and goes under for a table. Charlotte stands the table up on the floor and goes to the top for a superplex on Sasha. Sasha fights her. Charlotte falls to the apron and slips but holds on. Sasha kicks Charlotte off the apron and she falls onto the table, barely collapsing it. Sasha goes to the floor and slowly brings Charlotte back in the ring. Sasha with a 2 count. Sasha goes back under the ring and gets another table as fans pop. She brings the table in but Charlotte tries to push it back out. She table catches Sasha in her upper body and sends her back into the steel. Charlotte stands the table up in the ring now. Sasha comes back in and they trade shots. Back and forth until Charlotte runs over Sasha with a boot. Charlotte goes for the Figure Four and gets it locked. Charlotte bridges into the Figure Eight but Sasha grabs a chair and unloads into her hip to break the hold.

Fans chant for Sasha now. They get up and Charlotte nails a forearm. Charlotte yells at Sasha to respect her. Sasha fires back with a forearm. Sasha with another big strike but they both collide and go down. Sasha tries to get the Statement applied but Charlotte hits three backbreakers for a close 2 count. Charlotte places Sasha on top of the table and chops her in the chest. Charlotte talks more trash and delivers another chop. She climbs to the top for the big moonsault but Sasha cuts her off. Sasha pulls the table across the ring and leans it in the corner. She goes back to Charlotte and tries to powerbomb her across the ring through the table but she collapses. Charlotte rag-dolls Sasha on top of the table in the corner twice. Charlotte with a Natural Selection for the win and the title.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

After the match, Charlotte gets the title and celebrates as we go to replays. Sasha is slow to recover. Hell In a Cell goes off the air with Charlotte holding her title high.