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#FlairFlashbackFriday – Charlotte tags with Bayley for the first time

Charlotte & Bayley vs. Alicia Fox & Aksana

Bayley and Aksana start. They start chants before Aksana goes for hug, but kicks her instead. Aksana drops Bayley and crawls around, two. Tag to Fox, who dropkicks Bayley for a two. Alicia throws her into the turnbuckle, suplex follows. Aksana back in. A few kicks are delivered until she tags Fox, and then back to Aksana. Bayley gets out of an arm hold, but Aksana strikes her back down. Bayley hugs Aksana, and hits a belly-to-belly slam. Hot tags to Fox and Charlotte. Charlotte with a roll-up, kickout. Fox throws her off of the turnbuckle. Clothesline from Charlotte for a two. Bayley tags in. Fox goes for a boot, Bayley ducks and she hits Aksana. Bayley rolls Alicia up for the three.

Winners: Charlotte & Bayley

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