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Becky Lynch discusses Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks

Becky Lynch recently spoke with Scott Fishman of Channel Guide Magazine to promote WWE SummerSlam and the WWE 24: Women’s Revolution special airing on WWE Network next week, and she had the following to say about Charlotte vs. Sasha at the event.

“It’s an inspiration and really shows where we want to really go. Everyone wants that top spot and they are getting it. They are making the most out of it and are just not in that spot because they are just women. They are just good in general. They are getting the rewards they deserve.”

Jim Ross mentions Charlotte

“Speaking of Flair, his daughter Charlotte in NXT is special and is the best new, female in ring talent the WWE has trained in years. She’s the type of talent that a serious, women’s division, if that was desired, can be built around.”

Mick Foley Blog – New Dawn for Divas?

Mick Foley has post a new blog, where he discusses the classic bout between Charlotte and Natalya at NXT Takeover! Read below to find out what his thoughts are.

Two weeks ago, I had a chance to see an excellent match between WWE Divas workhorse – Natalya and WWE NXT’s Charlotte. At least it seemed like an excellent match upon first viewing But sometimes things – be they matches, movies or books – can strike one differently upon a second viewing , a second reading etc. After a second viewing, I’m convinced that what took place between Natalya and Ms Charlotte was more than just a match. It was a symbol of the potential the Divas division, and all the hard-working ladies who comprise it to be a more sunstantial and meaningful part of WWE moving forward. It’s the match that has me convinced that we could be looking at a new dawn in women’s wrestling.

10478164_854886657874807_7058289411272798427_nThe key word is COULD – because so much is dependent on letting go of the notion (whether it be backed up by ratings patterns, studies or statistics) that WWE Divas are side dishes to be consumed quickly and without much fanfare before the serving of the main entree.

I know there are many naysayers who just flat out think they don’t want to watch women wrestle. But there have always been naysayers – non-wrestling fans, who siad they didn’t want to watch ANY wrestling at all. Sometimes, all it takes is ONE match to change their perspective. Back in 1989, I would often show cynics one of the the Ric Flair-Ricky Steamboat classics – so they might better be able to appreciate the artistry of professional wrestling. Maybe it’s time to show new cynics a different Flair – different gender, different generation, different style – but with that same unmistakable artistry – and an unrestrained love and passion for that art – that can turn even the most hardened cynic into an appreciator, and maybe even a fan. Continue reading Mick Foley Blog – New Dawn for Divas?

Ric Flair Talks About Charlotte in WWE has a new article about wrestling legends and their sons & daughters, mainly Ric Flair and his daughter Charlotte, and Dusty Rhodes and his son Cody Rhodes. Flair talked about visiting in Tampa with his daughter and being there to support her WWE career. Flair believes she will have added pressure in the business just because she is his daughter. Flair said:

“She’s strong mentally. She can handle anything. She is going to be fine. She’s a winner.”