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Charlotte Flair can be seen each and every Monday Night on Raw! Since joining the main roster in July 2015, Charlotte has dominated the Division, including capturing the Women's Championship 4 times throughout it's inception.

Branding herself The Queen, Charlotte has own the Women's Division on Raw by competing in history making matches such as main eventing Hell in a Cell 2016. What is next for the Genetically Superior Athelete of Raw? Only time will tell...

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Welcome to, your top fansite resource for WWE Raw Superstar, Charlotte Flair. We first launched back in 2013, while Charlotte was still trying to find her feet in NXT's Women's Division. Since then, she has carved a path and become the top female athelete in the sports entertainment world.

Here at, we offer the highest quality in news, photos, results and more surrounding the Queen. We would also like to invite you to check out our Photo Gallery, hosting thousands of images of WWE's Queen: Charlotte Flair. I would like to thank you for visiting, and be sure to bookmark the site and return again soon!

Bayley makes her way to the ring to talk to Renee Young. Renee asks Bayley how she feels. She says that she thought she should have won. She feels like she let down a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean it is going to stop her. Charlotte is a great champion and she would love another chance at the title and to win at Full Sail. This is one of the coolest experiences of her life. We look at some of the highlights from the match and Sasha Banks involvement after the match. Renee asks Bayley what it felt like to be out here for this show and be a role model for so many girls. Bayley starts to cry and she says that there is a little girl who was crying after she lost. Bayley says that is who she is going to fight for when she beats Charlotte. She is coming after Sasha too after what happened tonight.

Charlotte makes her way to the ring. Charlotte says that she doesn’t know why it was a surprise that Bayley lost. She tells Bayley that she has her respect and that she is proud of her. Renee brings up a rematch. Bayley says that she respects Charlotte and she is glad that she showed Charlotte that she has to respect her. She hopes that they will still have the same respect when she beats her for the title. Charlotte tells Bayley that she respects her but not to be crazy.

Sasha Banks comes out she has something to say. She asks Charlotte if she thinks this is over. It is only just begun. She says that the Women’s Championship will be around her waist and you can take that to the bank. She calls Charlotte sweetheart. Bayley jumps in and she says that this is not about Sasha because she beat her twice. Charlotte tells Sasha to shut up. Sasha says that she said what she had to say and she leaves.

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They brought out WWE NXT Women’s champion Charlotte, who joined Natalya. They embraced. Charlotte was beyond beaming. She was asked who she was most looking forward to facing as champion. The crowd chanted for Bayley. Natalya said that there’s no way this is done between them. She said that thanks to the WWE Network, all playing fields are equal and a championship is a championship. She promised there would be a next time. Charlotte said that when she saw Paige win the title, she said, “That’s going to be me” and it made it even more special because of their family history. Heyman said that no matter what your last name is, there comes a time where you have to deliver. He said they delivered a match that even if you had never seen them before, you knew that they delivered a hell of a match. Charlotte and Natalya hugged as Charlotte left. Heyman tried to get Natalya to nail Charlotte as she left. Natalya didn’t do it, so Paul said that his client Brock Lesnar ended the streak because he listened to strategy like that. Natalya said that Hart’s play fair and nice. Heyman retorted that Harts play fair but a Flair left with the title.

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