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WWE NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way Pre-Show Coverage

They first went to the NXT Women’s Championship match between Charlotte and Bayley. The video package began at the post-show of the first Takeover where the live crowd chanted for Bayley when Charlotte asked who her next challenger should be. They did a personality profile for Bayley to the Always Sunny in Philadelphia music and portrayed her as quirky, but likeable and capable. Soundbytes from a Bayley interview played over it and she worked herself to tears talking about how much it means to be where she is. They then went to Charlotte’s interview where she mocks Bayley for crying.

Back at the booth, Sasha Banks joined the team. Sasha claimed to have taught Charlotte everything she knows, but Albert made the counter-point that Bayley has beaten Sasha twice so if that’s the case, it doesn’t bode well for Charlotte. Alex Riley suggested that Sasha might be jealous of Charlotte and she went off on him. She got in his face and cut a promo on him about how the NXT Women’s Championship will end up around her waist.

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