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WWE NXT Power Rankings – March 2014

#9 Charlotte
Last Month: Unranked

This second-generation Diva is ready to make a name for herself in NXT. After the conclusion of the epic NXT Women’s Championship Match at ArRIVAL, Charlotte and her father, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, confronted both Emma and Paige to play some mind games.

On the first edition of WWE NXT on WWE Network, Charlotte battled the bubbly Emma. Thanks to a distraction from her BFF Sasha Banks — and a phony injury straight out of her father’s playbook — Charlotte walked away with the victory.

If she’s learned to be as cunning as her father, there’s no limit to how far Charlotte can go in NXT.

WWE NXT Power Rankings – December 2013

20131209_NXTCharlotte_642#8 Charlotte
Last month: Unranked

Just like Sting in the early 1990s, Bayley learned a very important wrestling lesson —never trust a Flair. Second-generation Diva Charlotte showed that she truly is her father’s daughter on the Nov. 13 edition of WWE NXT.

Teaming with the happy-go-lucky Bayley to take on NXT’s resident mean girls, Summer Rae & Sasha Banks, Charlotte was a solid partner — until Bayley needed her most. Reaching for the tag, Bayley instead got a hard slap to the face from her supposed best friend.

Charlotte’s friendship now lies with her new BFFs, Summer and Sasha, who are doing their best to keep Bayley at bay. While Charlotte’s newfound mean streak may have earned her a spot in the NXT Power Rankings, she may not be here for long if Bayley has her way.